We’re excited to announce that we’ve released The Getaways, an instant win game with a difference.

The Getaways features simple gameplay and stunning art and sound that brings players into a more cinematic experience than the average gambling game. This exciting new format is set to attract a younger player, who wants to play a different style of game. 

The city is quiet. The crew is ready. You risk it all. 

The sirens ring.

Each and every crew member storms out of the bank vault and into their getaway vehicles to escape with their share of the cash. 

The crew? Glad you asked. 


Firstly there’s Marcus, the cop with the contacts.

In case things get tough, there’s Vasquez, special forces gun for hire.

For a speedy getaway, we have Takumi, an illegal Tokyo street racer.

To the crew’s benefit, there’s Alana, tech genius.

Last but not least, we have Viktor, ex-KGB crew leader.

Sure enough, this crew has come prepared – with 14 safe houses set up and ready for escape. Each crew member must make it to one of these safe houses in order to collect their cash, which is deposited right into your wallet upon arrival. This means that only 5 safe houses per round will allow the crew to deposit their ill-gotten funds.

Which path they take determines your successful getaway, as several paths will be blocked by not only criminal-seeking police cars, but cleverly placed roadblocks as well!


With wagers of up to 5,000 FUN, and a maximum win of 100x that bet, players can collect up to 500,000 FUN each round- so long as you don’t get caught!

There’s several getaway points and safe houses for the player to choose from, so every round is never the same. Prefer to attempt a long-distance getaway? There’s boat docks, airplane airways, and helicopter pads for you to make haste to. Prefer a clever escape in close quarters? You’re in luck, as there are factories, large homes, buildings, and residential areas to head towards.

Make sure you plan your escape to ensure you get a head start and a properly executed escape, or the time will run out and the remainder of your crew will choose a destination for themselves!

Here are some thoughts from FunFair’s Geoff Scaplehorn, Games Producer:

The Getaways represents a completely unique game type, not just for us at FunFair, but across any online casino, crypto or otherwise. It combines an exciting visual game style with the thrill of a great gambling game, and I am very proud of what our team has accomplished. Coupled with games such as Fun Mountain and Cheese Heist, we have expanded our portfolio into genres that you literally can not find on any other casino.

The Getaways is a unique game that and available now on all FunFair-powered casinos, such as