Since it’s release in August 2019 we’ve made a number of improvements to the FunFair Wallet. When we kicked off back then with the key objective was to have an easy to use, safe, non-custodial wallet which would support any browser on any device with no exceptions. Since then we’ve added FIAT to crypto and crypto to crypto while removing GAS transactions for players to play. This has all been done to drive a better onboarding experience for both crypto savvy and not so crypto savvy players to enjoy our games.

We now have a new version of the FunFair Wallet, it’s the biggest transformation to date and it’s due to launch next week. We’ve continued to focus on features to drive further adoption of players into our blockchain gaming ecosystem. It’s been a lot of hard work in planning, scoping, developing, and testing but we’re finally there and can’t wait to release it into the wild and see the fruits of our labour.

So what have we done?

  • Improved User Interface: The user interface has had an overhaul with three simple options for users looking to Deposit FUN, Buy FUN with Crypto, or Buy FUN with Debit/Credit cards. Getting users where they need to be quicker and with more precise calls to action.
  • New Partners: We have now integrated UniSwap within the “Buy FUN with Crypto” section. This option is for users who want to transfer ETH within our wallet straight to FUN. There is no reason to send your ETH to a third party; it all happens in your FunFair Wallet, much quicker and a lot slicker than before
  • New Help Sections: We introduced the ability to include video and text files while users are in the wallet to prompt them if they have any issues. Giving guides to any queries they may have, and speeding up the process for all and helping out those newbies who need an extra hand.

We believe that these features and a better user experience (UX) have brought the wallet up to the next level. The FunFair Wallet is now a fully feature-rich product with a much cleaner interface, providing excellent functionality and real purpose and we’re excited to launch it next week.

Another item we’re excited to let you know about is related to the new version of the wallet.

Since building the FunFair Wallet we have been inundated with requests from other dapp developers to use it, and to date we have declined. However, given the wallets’ transformation, we have now decided to enable the wallet for integration into other selected, non-FunFair dapps. Our immediate plan is to agree with a handful of dapp developers on Ethereum to integrate the FunFair Wallet and offer it as a fully integrated white-label service to their users. This enables us to dip our toe into the wider dapp space with a very light lift both technically and commercially. In researching the Ethereum wallet market we truly believe there’s a gap in the white-label B2B market catering specifically to dapp developers. Which is of course what we have built for the FunFair platform. We also believe that wider distribution will aid the FunFair platform with more choice of partners for better onboarding. Given the simplicity and speed of doing so, we want to test both these hypotheses.

As you can imagine, we’re very excited to launch all of the above, moving into the next phase of the platform and wallet growth.