We’re excited to announce we are now accepting applications to participate in our live beta.



We will be accepting applications until 23.59 BST on Thursday 10th May 2018.

Please note, we will initially be accepting applicants who currently reside in Canada.

Team FunFair



Why Canada?

For the purposes of the closed beta testing, starting with the Canadian market suits our needs.

How many testers do you require?

We expect to need at least 100 individual testers over the course of the test period and we will be collating a shortlist at random from the applications we receive.

How long will testing last for?

We envisage the test period lasting between 4-6 weeks depending on a number of factors. We will communicate progress made throughout the process to all of our communities.

Will testers be playing with their own FUN?

No, we will be providing testers with FUN to play with on the test casino.

Why Discord?

We will be using the Discord platform to exclusively communicate with our beta participants during the test period.