We’ve collated some of the main topics covered by Jez in the last week across our Telegram and Discord communities.


Any update on when beta is due? And is there a formal signup form or anything like that yet? No US I assume?


Jez: Don’t assume that.  We’re awaiting confirmation from our lawyers, but it might still be possible. 

As you know, we’ve already started doing polls to figure out who wants to beta test. Then we’ll put the call out to register for the beta.

To be honest, because of the strict legalities in us doing a beta test when we’re not a casino operator, it will be prioritised on certain countries that we’re allowed to take testers from.  So it won’t be a case of longest serving community or, most popular or anything. it’ll be prioritised into a list of people in countries we’re allowed to take.


Am I betting with my own FUN for the beta?


Jez: Probably not.  We’ll probably send every tester some FUN tokens to play with.  We will have terms and conditions of the test that the testers can’t top up with their own FUN tokens, because we have advice from our lawyers that if we provide the funds, and its a closed beta, that it’s not considered gambling so we aren’t at risk.

We might also dole it out a little at a time, to make sure people don’t bet it all on black in the first few seconds! I suspect that people will be able to keep any winnings and who knows, we might do competitions and leaderboards to see the best winners (and losers), to gamify it a little more!


So will it be entirely up to the player what games they try out in the beta?


Jez: Yes, but we’re not putting all the games into the beta test, for instance, the older slots are being retired and are in the process of being re-imagined (as much better, higher quality).  So you can kiss goodbye to all of the existing slots, and welcome in the first new slot – Egyptian (now called Treasures of the Crypto). The next will be medieval.. and then followed up by the re-worked old slots, reborn and a dice game! We’ll also get around to Sic Bo (for the Asian market) – it’s kind of like Chinese Craps.


Is there an official statement on your delisting from Bittrex?


Jez: No official statement, we said they must’ve thought it a risk of being a security, which is counter to any of the facts.  But we’ll only really be able to go back to them and ask them to take another look at it and form a new view, when we’re live, and can prove the utility of the token.  We’re confident once we’re live, there will be no doubt as to the utility of the token

My theory is that once there are real transactions on the blockchain, to and from the fate channels, that prove people are using the token for its intended purpose, that it will be provable that its got utility.  Once there’s enough of those transactions, and that they outweigh the transactions on the blockchain that are being used by speculators, then thats the time to ask people to take a fresh look at the situation and decide for themselves.


I’ve noticed that FUN isn’t really on many large Asian exchanges, excited that we still have the opportunity to “launch” in those regions


Jez: I’ve had private conversations with some Asian exchanges and they seem to be acting like bullies.  They’re saying they want to list us, and then telling us its an enormous amount that we have to pay to be listed – and we just couldn’t justify paying it, so we’re going to stick to our knitting.  Once our product/platform is launched and in use, and the token will naturally be traded more… then perhaps some of the Asian exchanges will want to list it anyway cos they’re missing out on the volume.  But with so many ICO’s paying them large fees to get listed, it’s just not worth it to us to waste our cash holdings to buy our way into a listing. We’d rather spend our cash on development and marketing.


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