As part of the launch of our new official Telegram channel, FunFair CEO Jez San took time out to answer questions from the community. We’ve collated some of the main topics covered, so you don’t have to go scrolling through the chat.


Do you think a general gambler will register to an exchange to buy fun? Have you got plans for an easy adoption in the future?

Jez: Easy adoption might well be through decentralised exchanges where you don’t need to login or create an account to swap one token for another.  We think those will be very useful and will support them in the front end of the FunFair-powered casinos.


I would think Fun tokens are purchased through the game. Or possibly stored on a card. Where as you put USD in, and get Fun tokens out?

Jez: Taking USD via credit cards is on the long term roadmap but not in the short term.  Most of this year, FunFair will be focused on crypto savvy players and casinos, but it’s part of our long term plan for (gaming industry) ‘world domination’ to partner with credit card processors to buy FUN directly with USD.


No news – nothing from the FUN team. Too many other coins with current tangible product to sit on this one.

Jez:  FunFair will be the first gaming solution that is mass market scaleable – using our fate channels, which will be the first ever State Channels to go live on main net.  No one else is as close to a mass market scaling solution. Even Raiden, which is a payment channel and not a full state channel, isn’t live yet. You obviously don’t appreciate how big a deal having full general purpose (turing complete) state channels that can execute arbitrary smart contracts off chain.  We think it’s quite an innovative and powerful solution. We’re running the entire smart contracts off chain, yet it guarantees no one can cheat and has full ‘dispute resolution’. No one else has that yet. We’re quite ahead of the pack with this tech.


Does anyone know when launch has been pushed to? I know Q1 2018 was what was originally pitched. Will go read back through the material if need be…

Jez: We ‘launch’ed to the gaming industry in Q1, and are going into live beta on Mainnet in Q2.  If all goes well, we will release with the first casino operator that quarter as well. Live beta is soon, and we’ll see how it goes and then decide the release date when all is well.


How many testers will you need and will anyone be able to participate geographically speaking?

Jez: We haven’t decided but I’d guess 100 initially… I suspect for the beta it will be limited to people who speak good English but it may not matter where they are, as long as they’re in a country where they’re legally allowed to gamble. We’re also looking into fully funding the beta testers so they’re gambling with our money not theirs, or perhaps returning their bet so that it doesn’t count as a gamble.


Got your own questions? You can engage with Jez and others from the FunFair team on our Telegram and Discord channels. Come and join the fun!