Week 20: 13/05/2020 – 19/05/2020

FunFair-Games 3.15.0


– ShamrockRiches: FF-2345 – Fix for crash when refreshing and restarting during bonus wheel.
– CheeseHeist: FF-2350 – fix for resume exception
– Banana Blast, Astro Wilds, FunDice, KenoKong, and Decatron: Minimum stake changes
– Bounty, CyberHunter, Fate of Thrones, and Treasures from the Crypto: Stake increased
– FFEngine: Lines now support blending mode changes

FunFair Casino Server 3.14

– FF-1941 – tidy up tables that store wallet address
– FF-2352 – Additional test coverage on legal text signing.

– FF-2248 – Optimized games list build and retrieval
– FF-2036 – Integrated release geo IP package.
– Ethereum: FF-2242 – Changed EthereumNetwork from an enum to a class
– FF-2267 – Force an IObjectBuilder<From,To> to be used with any type that cannot be default constructed when using dapper.
– Ethereum: FF-2299 – Optimized FUN Balance checks using bloom filters
– Ethereum: FF-2302 – Reduce repeated transaction lookups
– FF-2334 – Turned on strict nullable reference type checking in database object builders.
– FF-2386 – Update all the .NET components to .NET Core 3.1.202

– FF-2046 – Removed Gas Price recommendation source API now it has been moved to the wallet.
– FF-2260 – Removed obsolete admin apis.
– FF-2321 – Obsolete parts of game configuration apis

Week 19: 05/05/2020 – 12/05/2020

FunFair Wallet Server 1.17.0


– FF-2330 – Integration testing that covers all data managers involved in casino/operator DB columns
– FF-2284 – Allow regex on the trulioo config
– FF-2307 – updated Geo IP package
– FF-2285 – Integration tests for server to server calls
– FF-2298 – Support for PHL in the wallet
– FF-2250 – Support for JPY in the wallet
– FF-2263 – Added unit tests for server to server code
– FF-2269 – Tolerate refresh
– Ethereum: FF-1398 – Initial Nethermind support
– FF-2036 – integrated release geo package.
– Added PaymentTransactions view for Tableau
– FF-2293 – Save casino for failed KYC attempts
– FF-2294 – Fun wallet admin improvements
– Ethereum: FF-2299 – Optimized FUN Balance checks using bloom filters
– Ethereum: FF-2302 – Reduce repeated transaction lookups

### Fixed
– FF-2275 – Fix deadlocks on stored procedure > Kyc.YotiDocScanCleanUpExpiredSessions_Update

### Changed
– FF-2271 – Switched hex to string and hex to bytes conversion from hoshoethutil library to funfair common optimized methods
– Ethereum: FF-2242 – Changed EthereumNetwork from an enum to a class
– FF-2130 – Removed FunPassPublicUserId from server to server API.
– FF-2267 – Force an IObjectBuilder<From,To> to be used with any type that cannot be default constructed when using dapper.
– FF-1429 – Corrected new issues identified by code analysis update.
– FF-2295 – Ip address properties from string to IpAddress type and added converters

### Removed
– Ethereum: FF-2205 – Deprecated Parity, until OpenEthereum becomes stable.
– FF-2129 – Removed marketing opt-in from API client.

funwallet-client 1.11.0
### Added
– feat(ff-2284): Allow regex on the trulioo config
– feat(ff-2270): Allow easier integration
– feat(ff-2269): Allow tolerate refresh
– feat(ff-2283): Client when not on mainnet should render the alert box on the deposit page
– feat(ff-2286): All uniswap service logic (no UI)

funfair-client 3.20.0:

### Added
– FF-2108: upgraded to Angular 9
– FF-2135: Improved Game Stop flow
– FF-2282: authenticated game deep linking

### Fixed
– FF-2134: Back browser navigation fixes

### Changed
– FF-2270: Implement easier wallet integration
– FF-2269: Handle wallet authenticated refresh
– FF-2327: Cache player status

Week 18: 27/04/2020 – 04/05/2020

FunFair Casino Server


– FF-2270 – Whitelisted wallet for loading CSS

– FF-2289 – Premature archiving when chain status is not ready for archiving.

– FF-2290 – Make database ‘live’ Fate Channel columns not null as creating a fate channel without them present is invalid.

– FF-2292 – Record Players against wallet user account ids in the DB as/when player information is retrieved

– FF-2303 – Better handling and logging of Fate Channel Start transaction failures.

– FF-2304 – Additional recording of when players were denied starting a fate channel.

Funfair-games 3.14.0

New Game: The Getaways!

Baccarat / Baccarat VIP – minor fix to Japanese help file translation

FFEngine: Add new spritesheet animator

FFEngine: Removed legacy IFrame handling

FFEngine: remove legacy UI raycasting system

FFEngine: add NumberStepper component

FFEngine: add new WebGL Sprite and Spine based buttons

Week 17: 19/04/2020 – 26/04/2020

FunFair Wallet Server was deployed to live


– FF-2128 – remaining typed country code changes

– FF-2174 – Make all of wallet immutable were possible.

– FF-2100 – use 3 char country codes throughout

– FF-1259 – Enabled additional nullable reference types

– FF-2162 – MoonPay logic


– FF-2166 – Cannot Review Approved Device Activity

– FF-2195 – Merge Error in EventRiskyTransactions_Save


– FF-2172 – removed usages of EthereumJsonSerializerOptions and replaced with service-specific JSON serializer options

– FF-2013 – updated changelly unfinished transactions error handling

– FF-2127 – updated dotnet core to 3.1.201 including all FunFair packages

– FF-2204 – Switched Alchemy URL’s to V2 api to reflect that Parity is no longer supported

FunFair Wallet Client was deployed to live


– feat(FF-2101): Upgrade wallet to angular 9

– feat(FF-2102): New Onboarding funnel copy

– feat(FF-2150): expose authenticationPopUpClosed event listeners

– feat(FF-2100): use 3 char country codes throughout

– feat(FF-2162): MoonPay integration


– fix: resolve huge gasPrice if the user does not pass in a gasPrice

– fix(FF-2104): make sure we invalidate the timeouts for jwt refresh on logout

FunFair Casino Server 3.12.0


– Ethereum: FF-1398 – Initial Nethermind support

– Ethereum: FF-2205 – Deprecated Parity, until OpenEthereum becomes stable.

– FF-2217 – Admin API support for updating legal text.


– FF-2216 – Updated Japanese privacy policy.

– FF-2233 – Only issue fun from all testnet faucets as ETH is issued on fate channel start.

– FF-2239 – Change fate channel so that it does not penalise player on a claimTimeout

funfair-client 3.19.0

### Added

– FF-2238: new fate channel contract addresses for timeout fine removal

– FF-2021: Game Start Improvments. No dialogs when entering a session and removal of gas fee (Death to Gas!).

Week 15: 06/04/2020 – 12/04/2020

Funfair-casino server 3.10.0


– FF-681, FF-821 – Added support for Shared bankroll.

– FF-1881 – Added server support for gas removal.

– FF-1909 – Support for deep linking of blog entries

– FF-1914 – Expose additional fields for games json for game limits and RTP

– FF-1939 – Explictitly double check country is enabled before issuing signup compensation

– FF-1945 – Add admin endpoint that returns sign-up auto=compensation configuration per country for a casino

– FF-1946 – Added endpoint to allow the house to start a new fate channel.

– FF-2016 – Move Middleware out of FunServer exe to either its own assembly or an appropriate one and add unit tests.

– FF-2044 – Enable nullable reference type compiler detection.

– FF-2047 – Prohibit opening a fate channel if the gas price is too high.

– FF-2051 – Switched to using typed country code domain objects from strings.

– FF-2055 – Added player balances to Reporting.FateChannel_OpenCloseBalances_Get

– FF-2055 – Added Reporting.FateChannel_PlayerBalances_Get


– FF-1952 – Removed temporary work around fotr the client where it couldn’t understand the reponse from device controller.

– FF-2168 – Corrected datatype of keywords to be Nvarchar so that it will store japanese correctly. ###


– FF-1953 – Moved affiliation into the fate channel Start action.

– FF-2068 – Switch to netcoreapp3.1 from netstandard2.1 to avoid unexpected library and api incompatibilities.

– FF-2078 – Return 3 char country code from geo controller

Funfair-games 3.13.0:


– Baccarat and BaccaratVIP: Full Japanese localisation All Games: added game information pages for new platform panel

Funfair client 3.18.0:


– FF-1705: added a contentful driven blog page

– FF-1916: new information dialog added to game tiles

– FF-2075: added support for geo banners

– FF-2144: allow deeplinking to Demo games

– FF-2177: removed old marketing opt-in from contentful

– FF-2196: tile sash replaced with ribbon component


– FF-2122: fixed welcome page black screen

– FF-2124: fixed play button is disabled if fun balance is too low

– FF-2152: fixed how do I get funds redirect

– FF-2170: fixed account bar zero balance update

– FF-2150: fixed play button is disabled if cancel login

– FF-2179: fixed t&cs localisation

– FF-2211: fixed dependency security issues


– FF-2121: Change client platform text for T&Cs

– FF-1911: Terms are now signed with a token

– FF-1987: Marketing opt in status is managed through the wallet SDK

– FF-2133: Change testnet autocomp to be triggered by the house

Funfair-casino-server 3.11.0


– FF-2141 – Support for geo blocked countries form no longer using mailchimp


– FF-2195 – Merge Error in EventRiskyTransactions_Save

– FF-2202 – Moved location of DefaultToNoResponseCaching middleware to be in a place where it does something so cloudflare doesn’t cache the responses when it shouldn’t


– FF-1851 – Moved faucet into api project and removed developer api project

– FF-1912 – Change FunServer SignLegal text endpoint to work with JWT token from FunWallet

– FF-2050 – Update rest of validator tests to use validator test base

– FF-2076 – Return 3 char country code accross multiple features where it uses maxmind for geo check

– FF-2115 – Make ‘happy’ comp path tesable by default by internal QA.

– FF-2127 – Update to dotnet core 3.1.201, including all FunFair packages

– FF-2132 – Issue TESTFUN from the faucet, when legal text is signed on test networks.

– FF-2119 – Make Sign-up Comp easier to test and extend

fun-wallet-client 1.9.3

Fixed – fix: return null if nothing been done before on `updateMarketingOptInStatus`


Week 14: 30/03/2020 – 05/04/2020

Funfair-client 3.17.0


– updated many japanese translations


– FF-2157: Gaming History theming
– FF-2151: Account bar wallet panel text overflow

Funwallet-client 1.9.2


ff-2154 – untranslated copy on coin swap page
ff-216 – ‘Advanced’ on fate channel opening confirmation is not translated
ff-2167 -‘2fa manual code’ is not translated
ff-2169 – Live defect – Previous button on Transaction history and token transfers page is invisible

Funfair-client 3.16.0

– GameAPI updated to v2.4.0 – Added support for forwarding game logs and game localisation
– FF-1973: gaming history text from translations
– FF-2077: added support for contentful line breaks

– FF-1999: reduce player status api calls

– FF-1876: autocomp modal improvements
– FF-2031 adds a language query param to the internal game launch url
– FF-2066: Remove FunPass references from the client

Week 13: 23/03/2020 – 29/03/2020

fun-wallet-server 1.15.0

– FF-2043 – B2C sendgrid email review
– FF-1975 – Three and two letter country codes instead of string representation of iso country codes
– FF-1988 – Add marketing opt-in controller for client -> server calls
– FF-2053 – Added Email address to Reporting.RegisteredWallets
– FF-1259 – Enabled nullable reference types

– FF-2068 – Switch to netcoreapp3.1 from netcoreapp3.1 to avoid unexpected library and api incompatibilities

funfair-wallet-client 1.9.0

– feat(ff-2003): Expose a wallet sdk call to update and get marketing opt in value
– feat(ff-2046): expose sdk method gasRecommendations

– fix: filterSupportedERC20TokenByNetwork to get token decimals
– instead of using token controller fix(ff-2054): Client now never looks at the controller address and uses filterSupportedERC20Token instead

funfair-games 3.12.0
– New Game: Banana Blast!
– All Games: updates to GameAPI v2.4 (added localisation and error logging support)
– All Games: updated some dependencies to fix security issues
– Baccarat: Japanese localisation added
– Wheel of Fortunes: FF-2106 Fix for errant PlatformHandler in demo game causing console log spam.
– FFEngine: Add spine support for multiple texture atlases
– FFEngine: add automatic animation event tracking to spine
– FFEngine: add spine fading functionality
– FFEngine: add additional maths helpers and consts

Week 12: 16/03/2020 – 22/03/2020

Week 11: 09/03/2020 – 15/03/2020

Funfair-Games 3.11.0

– New Game: Five Fruits!

funfair-client 3.14.0

– FF-2012: added casino license text to localisation system
– FF-1952: handled requests which return 200 status code but with no content

– FF-2029: User appears to not get signed out when session times out

– updated CF-JP config (Tawk, GA, Hotjar removed)
– FF-2001: Account Page navigation redesign
– FF-1972: Made private variable naming consistent

Week 10: 02/03/2020 – 08/03/2020

Fun Server 3.9.0

– FF-1498 – authentication set up and verification of casino jwt
– FF-1499 – gaming history implementation

– FF-1910 – updated to .NET core sdk 3.1.102

funfair-client 3.12.0

– FF-1957: enable localised wallet
– FF-1493: betting history added to account page

fun-wallet-server 1.12.0

– FF-1901 – Support usage of simple data models as parameters in routing by using type converters
– FF-1983 – Code cleanup
– FF-1259 – Enable nullable reference types in Api.Logic
– FF-1882 – Brazil KYC Form Improvements

fun-wallet-server 1.12.0

– FF-1901 – Support usage of simple data models as parameters in routing by using type converters
– FF-1983 – Code cleanup
– FF-1259 – Enable nullable reference types in Api.Logic
– FF-1882 – Brazil KYC Form Improvements

fun-wallet-server 1.13.0

– FF-1259 – Enable nullable reference types in Api.ServiceInterface, test assemblies, Middleware assembly

– FF-1982: remove support for MetaMask

fun-wallet-client 1.8.0

– feat: added more translations
– feat: added terms ja translations
– feat: added privacy ja translations

– feat(ff-1982): Remove support for MetaMask

funfair-client 3.13.0

– FF-1982: Removed support for Metamask

Week 9: 24/02/2020 – 01/03/2020

fun-wallet-client 1.6.0

– feat(ff-1925): signAndVerifyInterpretedBytes logic for no gas
– feat(ff-1934): Yoti doc scan error messages, why they failed

– global error handler, try to solve chunk load error

fun-wallet-server 1.10.0

– feat(ff-1934): Yoti doc scan error messages, why they failed

fun-wallet-client 1.7.0

– feat(ff-1877): Remove Funpass Migration and Verify my ID sceen
– feat(ff-1631): Retrieve casino jwt token from funfair-wallet-server and save into funfair-wallet-client store
– feat: added more translations
– feat(ff-1878): Autopopulate country of residence based of GEOIP

– fix: resolve camera issues on IOS kyc
fun-wallet-server 1.11.0

– FF-1877 – Remove funpass migration
– FF-1878 – Autopopulate country of residence based of GEOIP
– FF-1630 – Create casino jwt token

– FF-1910 – updated to net core 3.1.2

Week 8: 17/02/2020 – 23/02/2020

FunFair-games 3.10.0

New Game: Pirate Dice!
Baccarat: improved number formatting and localisation support
Five Fruits: Added 7 symbol animation

Five Fruits: Fixed remaining two issues with balance display
FFEngine: remove mobile lambert material forcing to fix rendering issues

Funfair-wallet-server 1.9.0

FF-1821 – Added exclusion type and exclusion reactivation date to user checks DTO
FF-1758 – Store Tracking ID against User ID

Ethereum: Web socket initialization issues when issuing batch requests for the new block subscriptions.
fix(ff-1947): Yoti doc scan handles unknown document types, allow our system to handle that

Funfair-wallet-client 1.5.0

feat(ff-1759): tracking on the wallet

fix(ff-1932): rewrite cookies in for safari (ios and mac) to allow tracking to work
remove mock from production code

FunFair-client 3.11.0


Additional Japanese translations
FF-1692: disable console.log when debug is false
FF-1753: new device tracking and analytics system
Add analytics event to signup bar

FF-1909 enable tile play button when location not enabled
FF-1944 Hold during the game session (integer) is missing its hold value

Error text for faucet errors
FF-1875: game tile improvements

Fun Server 3.8.0

FF-1754 – middleware for user tracking id and endpoint to store device user agent data
FF-1265, FF-1266 Working combined single executable with all dependencies for FunServer (so no future need to do separate .NET core runtime updates)
FF-1821 – refactors Admin API endpoints for getting user status, getting encrypted user, blocking and unblocking users
FF-1820 Remove the endpoints (and associated code including SP’s) that was referenced by FF-1818 from Fun Server

Ethereum: Web socket initialization issues when issuing batch requests for the new block subscriptions.
Legal text signature SP so that updating the legal text does not cause a second affiliation transaction

WalletUserAccountId added to Reporting.LegalContentAcceptance_Get SP to aid matching of wallet users

Fun Server 3.8.1

FF-1950 – Changed to get the client to pass down user agent as CloudFront stomps over the user agent in the request with its own. Also added in device pixel ratio and additional details.