Lower cost

Fewer servers and databases means infrastructure costs are significantly reduced.

Blockchain automation reduces overheads for security & technical staff.

Crypto payments via smart contracts eliminates fees and chargebacks.

Ultra secure

Peer-to-peer ledger resistant to hardware failure, power outage or attack.

All bets verified by consensus so data authenticity is guaranteed and impossible to alter.

Decentralisation and cryptography can eliminate payments and gamerelated fraud.

Access crypto audience

Bitcoin & blockchain are increasingly influential global trends.

Expanding cryptocurrency community offers opportunities for growth.

Cryptocurrency users are a prime audience; 18-35, high net worth and tech savvy.

First mover advantage

Get an edge as the first to offer fun, fast and fair blockchain games.

Provably fair gaming has potential to increase conversion and retention.

Win the race for market share of the untapped blockchain audience.

Simple setup

FunFair casinos are faster, easier and cheaper to create than traditional technology.

No payment providers and far fewer internal personnel needed.

With decades of experience, FunFair knows the value of seamless integration and expert support.

Perfect for the new breed as well as existing operators.