Fair games

Help make gaming fairer for millions of players across the globe.

Our transparent, automated platform bridges the gaps between developers, casinos and end users.

Transparency and security enhance your reputation as a responsible games supplier.

Financial rewards

We believe in fair, open and competitive rewards for great game content.

Blockchain’s complete and accurate record enables transparent, convenient reporting.

Smart contracts guarantee payment.


Working with blockchain technology is challenging, exciting and fastpaced.

Join a thriving, open source community working at the bleeding edge of development.

Position yourself for a future where blockchain experience will be invaluable.

Why Ethereum?

Ethereum is a decentralized platform that uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to create a secure distributed network with a powerful virtual computer at its heart.

Ethereum’s blockchain removes the need for traditional servers, reducing the number of vulnerabilities to be exploited. As an immutable public ledger of transactions, the blockchain also offers a level of transparency not found in the existing online gaming world.

Ethereum smart contracts are the key to FunFair’s fundamental vision of a fair game. They enable us to run game code exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference, and for anyone to review the code before and after each game.

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What are fate channels?

Fate Channels are our advanced version of State Channels. We use them to generate real time random numbers, facilitate player-game interactions and most importantly, enable micropayments with zero gas cost. They’re the missing link in delivering blockchain gaming that’s fun, fast, fair and frugal. They’re an important part of what makes FunFair special.

Read more in our White Paper

Developing on Funfair

You won’t need to become a blockchain expert to release your games on the FunFair platform

Browser friendly

No need to learn new programming languages, just submit your Web GL, Javascript or Typescript game and we’ll do the rest.

Simple integration

Our user-friendly APIs enable fast, easy access to the network without major adaptations to your code.

End-to-end support

Our technical and business teams will help you through submission, launch, ongoing updates and reporting.

Our programming languages

Building new games, or integrating existing games, for the FunFair platform is easy when you know how.

As we’re developing games that can run on any device, we recommend using the following languages to ensure both responsive design and compatibility with our platform:

Front End

Develop your game using WebGL (particularly for 3D games), Javascript or Typescript and you’ll be good to go.

Back end

Your game logic should exist within an Ethereum smart contract, using a language such as Solidity.


Unfortunately due to prohibitive licencing fees, we do not accept games which use the Unity development engine.